Code of Conduct

All staff should adopt a work ethic, which will lead to increased productivity and keep all recalls to an absolute minimum.

The following misconduct may warrant immediate suspension whilst being investigated and may result in dismissal following appropriate disciplinary action being taken:

  • Stealing
  • Violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Neglect of duty
  • Breach of safety procedures
  • Fraud such as deliberate misrepresentation of time sheets, purchase documents, store documents, etc.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal subtances
  • Malicious damage of The Business assets and deliberate damage to employees property

NOTE: Employees should make every effort to adhere to The Business procedures;  failure to ensure these procedures are carried out may result in disciplinary action being taken by The Business. 

If it is alleged that an employee has conducted himself or herself in a manner as outlined above, The Business will follow the following procedures;

  • The Business will conduct an investigation to determine what circumstances should be taken into account in deciding whether to dismiss the employee
  • The Business will formulate what the employee has done or has failed to do
  • Any allegations resulting from the above will be explained to the employee
  • The employee will be given a fair opportunity to be heard on any allegations
  • If the employee is regarded as guilty, he or she must be given a fair opportunity to be heard on whether a dismissal should take place

The Business will take into account matters not directly connected with the alleged offense that might mitigate the penalty.