Customer Service Policy

Staff are at all times to conduct themselves in a pleasant, respectable and courteous manner during working hours or whilst displaying the Business name.  All staff members are expected to show respect for our clients with regards to their requests and their property.

Staff should endeavour to undertake the following:

  • Attend jobs promptly.  Contact the office or client if delayed
  • Greet and Thank clients courteously
  • Make every effort to protect client's property ie. carpets, walls, gardens etc.  Without compromising safety
  • Inform customers of the work carried out and, where possible, ensure that they are aware of any changes made.  Ensure they have understood changes and the client is satisfied ie. instructions on how to set sensor lights, timers, etc.
  • Ensure that all work completed or left unfinished overnight is left safe and tidy
  • Ensure all work sites are kept as clean and neat as possible at all times
  • Use drop sheets where necessary to protect the client's furnishings
  • Be aware of any requirements individual clients may have in respect to access to their work site ie. commercial kitchens requiring hair nets to be worn
  • Staff should maintain a personal manner and apprearance that will bring credit on The Business
  • Improve customer service with image and improved housekeeping
  • Market additional services or products to customers if appropriate
  • If an accident happens for whatever circumstance please report to The Business ASAP