Environment Policy

Beresford Electrical Services recognises its responsibility for the protection of the environment in which it operates.

We manage the activities under our control to minimise adverse impact on the environment.  To achieve this, we shall:

  • Comply with legislative and legal obligations
  • Maintain a system whereby we regularly assess the potential impact of our operations and ensure that adequate control measures are in place.
  • Take reasonable practical steps to protect environmental values and converse scarce resources
  • Take into consideration the whole of life impact of our products and services
  • Pursue opportunities for environmental improvement, waste reduction and recycling where appropriate
  • Act as good corporate citizens, respect community values and assist Clients in achieving their environmental goals
  • Set targets and conduct programs to ensure continuous improvement of our systems, procedures and performance

Our environmental systems and procedures are integrated within our Safety System so that environmental management, along with all our other business activities, are controlled at all stages.  Employees are trained to enable them to fulfil their duties in a manner that ensures the protection of the environment we work in.